Torino Food Service is proud to bring you Gi.Metal pizza peels and pizzeria tools.

    Gi.Metal are pizza oven tools for profession pizza oven users for use in wood fire ovens at home and commercial.  

    We offer the widest range of pizza peels in Sydney!

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    For over 35 years, Gi.Metal has been dedicated to crafting a wide array of professional pizza tools and equipment, including pizza peels, pans, baking trays, trolleys, and much more. With a global reach, our Italian-based company, located in Montale, Pistoia, operates in close partnership with over 2,000 distributors worldwide. In addition to our headquarters, Gi.Metal extends its presence through two international branches – one in Chicago, United States, and the other in Curitiba, Brazil.

    Our primary objective is to collaborate with both seasoned and aspiring pizza chefs, comprehending their unique requirements, work-related challenges, and operational needs. Through this understanding, we endeavor to devise innovative solutions that enhance their productivity, efficiency, and overall work experience

    Gi.Metal is your source for over 800 high-quality, Italian-made products catering to pizzerias and the catering industry. Our comprehensive range includes pizza scoops, trays, peels, wheels, spatulas, cutters, cruets, and specialized trolleys for professional cooking and dining room service.

    We are dedicated to collaborating with both professional pizza chefs and pizza enthusiasts, understanding their unique needs, and providing innovative solutions worldwide. Our core values are quality, passion, and innovation, and we continuously strive for excellence through the use of innovative materials and meticulous design processes.

    AVPN Certified

    Wide Range of Pizza Peels

    and Pizzeria Tools

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